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I am sick and tired of Don Cherry and his rants from the pulpit on CBC courtesy of our tax dollars.

I still believe fighting will never be legislated out of the game, it is simply too fast, violent and rough for that to happen. But the thug mentality and goonery can be eliminated.

There was once a time I thought Cherry was god, but that was when I was a young, testosterone filled man, worried more about beer and getting laid than life in general. After growing up and helping raise a child, also thanks to travelling the world and seeing both the horrible and beautiful things man can create, let alone nature, I started to tune out Cherry.

This current post is fueled by Cherry’s latest diatribe of ignorance. He slammed Ovechkin, the most exciting player in the NHL, who just happens to be Russian. Cherry, once again, riled against Europeans and Ovechkin’s celebrations, claiming some big defenceman will “cut in him half” if he is not careful – seriously- we actually pay this guy to say this stuff on our national public broadcaster. Is this the message we want younger players to go with, cut down the most talented around you?

Once again, he separates Europeans from Canadians, setting them against each other. Europeans have made hockey better not made it worse. I would take a Lidstrom, Chara and Holmstrom on my team any day, let alone an Ovechkin, because they are great players and frankly, better than a pile of Canadian players.

Hate to break it to you Grapes, Canada is not the small town Canada you grew up in. Europeans have helped build up this country and did it while putting up with jerks and discrimination from small minded Canadians like you. When you say “Europeans” you are speaking about all of us with heritage from countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, France, Germany and Greece who have made a life here in Canada and are proud Canadians.

When you dismiss Russian and Swedish players, you are dismissing us as well. Essentially when you isolate and dismiss Europeans, you are saying all us Canadians of European heritage are less Canadian because we have no Anglo last names.

You are saying there are “real Canadians” and then us who just happen to live here.


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Habs Rock, Leafs Suck, say Cherry & Milbury.


Just say it out loud, nice and slow or shout it out, shout it out loud;



Need we say more?

Need we say more?

After a pretty high-tempo exhibition game against the Red Wings, which the Canadiens prevailed in via shootout, Don Cherry has given his stamp of approval to the Canadiens for this year.

Dapper Don gives his thumb to the Habs. Blue is blue because the Leafs..well..the Leafs are not going anywhere..again.

Dapper Don gives his thumb to the Habs. Blue is blue because the Leafs..well..the Leafs are not going anywhere..again.


For Cherry to do that and he is a die-hard Leaf boy despite his obvious love of the Bruins, that is a big deal here in the Big Smoke. The fact Mike Milbury essentially said the Leafs will suck this year, only made a good day better! Let’s remember, even Macleans has weighed into why the Leafs stink.

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