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Hahahaha. 🙂

Needless to say, for most educated Canadian hockey fans, this is a no-brainer, of course the Habs are Canada’s team.

Forget the jock rhetoric, MLSE and Toronto media hype machine, only one team truly represents all of Canada, all Canadians and every fabric of our awesome nation. Here is a recent poll that concludes the same. Canada is not just Toronto and it is no solely English, and the Habs and adoration for the club are evidence of that.

Toronto spinsters may think Toronto is the gold standard for hockey, the true “hockeytown” and the centre of the hockey universe but it isn’t. How can it be? THEY HAVEN’T WON A CUP SINCE 1967- the LAST time there were SIX TEAMS in the NHL!!!!

The Leafs are not the New York Yankees of hockey though they claim to be. You need to win, and often, to lay that claim. The Leafs are more like the LA Dodgers hockey, plenty of great history, some good runs and wins but nothing to really show of late (though at least the Dodgers have won in recent memory).

The New York Yankees of hockey are the Montreal Canadiens and we have the 24 cups to prove it and are the sole Canadian team to win it recently, in 1993. The Detroit Red Wings can even lay a better claim to the Yankee moniker than the loser Leafs.

Watching the Leafs plod through this season has been hilarious, more so on how local media covers them. A two-game win  streak is dissected and blown way out of proportion and it is all sunny skies and roses so quickly after the doom and gloom of a week ago. This city is dying so bad for a winning hockey team the media just about falls over itself trying to spin a good yarn out of horse crap.

I feel for the players assemled for this year’s Leafs team. They are trying their best but if you don’t have the horses to run, the race can be a mighty long one, let alone just getting out of the barn.


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Mikhail Grabovsky is a loser and deserves to get his ass kicked. The stunts he keeps pulling against his former team are ridiculous. If it was not for the linesmen, Kostistyn would have kicked his ass, sooner or later big mouth is getting his.

On another another, it is pretty easy for Deveaux to act like the big man when there is no George Laraque in Montreal’s lineup. The Leafs were pathetic tonight, they could not even “out-tough” a team full of more talented players than meatheads. Montreal answered every challenge and the Leafs ran from more too.

Hurry up Kaberle, tell Burkey you want a trade and hopefully we will see you soon in a Habs uniform.

Ultimately, a great 6-2 win. Can’t wait until we wrap the season series up and help the Maple Leafs move higher in the Tavares sweepstakes.

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Habs Rock, Leafs Suck, say Cherry & Milbury.


Just say it out loud, nice and slow or shout it out, shout it out loud;



Need we say more?

Need we say more?

After a pretty high-tempo exhibition game against the Red Wings, which the Canadiens prevailed in via shootout, Don Cherry has given his stamp of approval to the Canadiens for this year.

Dapper Don gives his thumb to the Habs. Blue is blue because the Leafs..well..the Leafs are not going anywhere..again.

Dapper Don gives his thumb to the Habs. Blue is blue because the Leafs..well..the Leafs are not going anywhere..again.


For Cherry to do that and he is a die-hard Leaf boy despite his obvious love of the Bruins, that is a big deal here in the Big Smoke. The fact Mike Milbury essentially said the Leafs will suck this year, only made a good day better! Let’s remember, even Macleans has weighed into why the Leafs stink.

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