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Hahahaha. 🙂

Needless to say, for most educated Canadian hockey fans, this is a no-brainer, of course the Habs are Canada’s team.

Forget the jock rhetoric, MLSE and Toronto media hype machine, only one team truly represents all of Canada, all Canadians and every fabric of our awesome nation. Here is a recent poll that concludes the same. Canada is not just Toronto and it is no solely English, and the Habs and adoration for the club are evidence of that.

Toronto spinsters may think Toronto is the gold standard for hockey, the true “hockeytown” and the centre of the hockey universe but it isn’t. How can it be? THEY HAVEN’T WON A CUP SINCE 1967- the LAST time there were SIX TEAMS in the NHL!!!!

The Leafs are not the New York Yankees of hockey though they claim to be. You need to win, and often, to lay that claim. The Leafs are more like the LA Dodgers hockey, plenty of great history, some good runs and wins but nothing to really show of late (though at least the Dodgers have won in recent memory).

The New York Yankees of hockey are the Montreal Canadiens and we have the 24 cups to prove it and are the sole Canadian team to win it recently, in 1993. The Detroit Red Wings can even lay a better claim to the Yankee moniker than the loser Leafs.

Watching the Leafs plod through this season has been hilarious, more so on how local media covers them. A two-game win  streak is dissected and blown way out of proportion and it is all sunny skies and roses so quickly after the doom and gloom of a week ago. This city is dying so bad for a winning hockey team the media just about falls over itself trying to spin a good yarn out of horse crap.

I feel for the players assemled for this year’s Leafs team. They are trying their best but if you don’t have the horses to run, the race can be a mighty long one, let alone just getting out of the barn.


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Here are some quick shots From the Slot about recent development in the NHL, Habsland and Maple Laugh Nation:

– Grabovsky gets three games for shoving  a linesman- well deserved, the idiot needs to have his big mouth shut. Kostitsyn vows the feud will continue. Good.

– still think Crosby is a pansy for jumping that Panther player off the faceoff circle. At the moment, i just don’t like the kid, all that talent but man, the hype and that pansy move just does not sit right. However, his punk ass better lead us to a gold medal in Vancouver..lol

– Sundin in a Canucks uniform just does not look right. Good on the Oiler fans for giving it to him, saves the Leaf fans from doing so. Mats, you needed to come to the Habs

– Bryan McCabe’s Toronto, boo-filled return, that was sweet. The fans just gave it to him and he just laughs it off…and his team beats the Leafs

– Kovalev, Markov, Komisarek and Price get voted to the all-star team- SWEET!

– Phoenix Coyotes are set to lose $80 million! $80 flippin’ MILLION! And why is it Hamilton and the RIM-king cannot have a team in a market that would LOVE hockey?

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Mikhail Grabovsky is a loser and deserves to get his ass kicked. The stunts he keeps pulling against his former team are ridiculous. If it was not for the linesmen, Kostistyn would have kicked his ass, sooner or later big mouth is getting his.

On another another, it is pretty easy for Deveaux to act like the big man when there is no George Laraque in Montreal’s lineup. The Leafs were pathetic tonight, they could not even “out-tough” a team full of more talented players than meatheads. Montreal answered every challenge and the Leafs ran from more too.

Hurry up Kaberle, tell Burkey you want a trade and hopefully we will see you soon in a Habs uniform.

Ultimately, a great 6-2 win. Can’t wait until we wrap the season series up and help the Maple Leafs move higher in the Tavares sweepstakes.

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Get a grip Leaf fans

Dear Leaf fans:

Get a grip. Your team is a bad team, plain and simple. There is no point in booing them and acting like you expect more than they can really deliver.

As a Habs fan, I should be loving this season seeing your futility but here is the interesting twist, I actually like the grit and effort your team tries to play with. They know they are not great but they do try, better than a bunch of primadonnas you had before who should have been playing harder and did not.

Yes, they suck but you were told they would suck in order to keep your expectations low. They will start rebuilding and Brian Burke is a lynchpin on which that will begin. When the Canadiens stumbled along in the wilderness for a bit, collecting strong picks, the turn around did not come until Bob Gainey came onboard, a strong captain for the Good Ship Habs. You now have that in Burke.

So be patient and enjoy the effort, whatever it is and stop acting like its the end of the world or like you expect more. Hope for a top three draft pick, hell, even a top five one.

Lastly, do not boo Mats Sundin, the dude was a class act while here after putting up with a pile of bullshit from some of you upon his arrival. Sure, what he did to you last year is not cool but the guy wanted control after years of seeing his good efforts wasted.

Rebuilding takes time and shoot for the bottom!


Habs Fan in Toronto

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Face it Leaf fans, Cujo does not have any bite anymore.

Interesting chattering among Maple Laugh fans here at work today, the topic twisting their minds, “What to do with Cujo?”

After another tough loss with Curtis Joseph in the nets, the fate of fan favourite Cujo is tough to face for some, likely himself too.

The Leafs brought him in more for PR this year than anything else. They new they were going suck ass this year, big time, so why not make Maple Lost Nation feel good, with an icon from the last time they were relevant (and still won jack squat).

If they are serious about getting younger and better, it is time to let him go and get Justin Poggee big league ice time. Why protect this kid any further? Either he has it, or he does not. At least give him the playing time in the bigs to prove himself.

Cujo recently got his 450th milestone career win and now it is time to demote him to third string or ask him where else he may want to play. But quite frankly, he should not see the inside of a Leaf crease ever again….

…unless they really want to make a run for the top draft pick and they can keep running him out there to get crushed again and again, and let them sink further down the standings.

No one can dispute how charitable and nice Cujo is.  He is an awesome pro athlete, a great example off the ice for other athletes to follow. In the end though, hockey is about winning, it is about development and the Leafs will not get that with their beloved Cujo guarding their crease.

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For the love of God, could all you hockey fans throwing hissy fits about the potential of six Habs starting at the all star find something to really worry and crow about.

It has been at least a decade or even longer since the NHL all-star game actually meant something or was interesting to watch. In my humble opinion, it stopped being interesting after they stopped calling the teams by the Wales and Campbell conference monikers.

Who cares if six Habs start, did anyone really expect the fans in hockey-mad Montreal NOT to stuff the ballot box on the year of the team’s 100th anniversary? The game is being held in Montreal, if this game were being held in Toronto and Toronto ever had six players possible of starting the game, the Make Me Laugh fans would surely vote all them in. Hell, they would vote in Tie Domi, Wade Belak and Andrew Raycroft.

The game means nothing and by far, the most interesting element is the skills competition. Relax, no one is saying the starting six, if they are Habs, are the six best in the league. Also, spare us the comparison to the great Oiler teams and how many of them all started in an all-star game. If the technology existed back then and the game was in Edmonton, the ballot box would have been stuffed too.

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