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The sound was unmistakable in bars and homes across Toronto last night. As the Montreal Canadiens cruised to an early lead and proceeded to crush the Maple Laughs, Toronto fans abandoned the Leafs bandwagon en masse breaking ankles across the city.

A dream-like fluke win over defending champs Detroit earlier in the week had skeptical fans back on the bandwagon for two days. One period into Saturday’s night game and the Habs up 2-0, cue the exodus.

As usual in Leaf Nation, little credit is being given to the superior performance put in by the Habs. The fact Halak started against the Leafs demonstrates how serious of a threat Toronto is being considered to be by Montreal. By and large , our deadly power play was that, deadly efficient and beautiful to see. My favourite part of the night…Jason Blake scores and Leaf fans start to cheer and 22 second later Guillaume Latendresse scores to seal the deal on the pasting.

Montreal draws frist blood in this great rivalry this year.

Les Canadiens sont là !


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